Upcoming Classes & Workshops:

Rainbow Serpent Workshop (Men & Women) January 20-21st 2018

This 2 day ceremonial event is for men and women It is hosted by Shenayda Linda Deane at Raise the Vibration Reiki Healing Studio in Phoenix. Shenayda will bring to light the sacred sexual teachings of Central America and ancient God/Goddess practices that are designed to assist humanity at this time. The teachings and dance of the snake and the jaguar will lead you through a Shamanic healing journey in a safe and sacred space bringing us into more balance with our own sexuality and sexual nature.♥
--This event is a 2 day healing experience from 10-6pm on Sat and Sunday. This is a rites of passage workshop that will assist many breakthroughs around the consciousness of working with the true nature of sacred sexuality.
**Please bring organic healthy food to share for a potluck style lunch.
**Please bring your own water container to refill.
**Please bring any sacred objects that you would like to place on the altar that you may want blessed, to use or wear. (items of sentiment such as jewelry, instruments, prayer sticks, etc..) instruments encouraged!!
-Thank you & many Blessings! The cost is $250. A $50 non refundable deposit is required to reserve your spot!  PayPal your deposit to shenayda@gmail.com Click HERE!

For more information contact
Shenayda - 602-908-6971 or Nicole (Maya Devi) -602-751-7872

Astrological Systems presents: Astrology Classes & Workshops! (Ongoing)

Learn Shenayda's unique application of how to read an astrological chart with a simple method that will assist individuals to better understand the influences within their own chart, as well as those of others. With this knowledge, one can more consciously adapt to changes.

Astrological Systems: Fast Track Astrology Class

In this ongoing 3 -part series you will learn Shenayda's unique method of chart interpretation. Classes are held Tuesday evenings from 7pm to 9pm. (Scottsdale, AZ) Cost is $150 for each series of 3. Start dates every 3 weeks. Space is limited.

To register, CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE SHOP to purchase a class series.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about this series, contact Shenayda at (602) 908-6971

Lunar Astrology: Coming Soon!

Learn to work with the phases of the moon to understand your emotional responses and subconscious urges.

New & Full Moon Blog Updates: Coming Soon!  

Other available classes and programs...

Shaman Apprentice Program

Learn the Shaman way with Shenayda! This perspective is a Toltec view of shamanism, originally centered in Mexico and Central America. She also includes tribal practices from indigenous tribes of North America. You will work with healing practices and connecting with other realms.  13 and 6.5 month programs available.

Reiki & Energy Medicine Classes

These classes are initiations that not only change your life, but will put you on a path of service working with energy from the divine source that is healing for yourself and others.