Lilith Workshop Retreat Nov 16-18 2018 (Deposit)


Lilith Workshop Weekend Retreat November 16-18 2018 (Deposit)


This workshop is giving not only permission, but empowerment to the ability of the feminine to walk in and perform difficult duties and processes. This includes practices, awarenesses, and deep
surrender, to that which has been suppressed. All for the sake of receiving all of her power as a female.

Come and take this journey with us! As we support each other to be all that we are. This workshop is being directed by Shenayda Linda Deane who has for the last 27 years, done women’s workshops to empower the goddess all over the world. This is a workshop that she feels women are ready to for to clear any resistance to doing what is required in this world of deep and inevitable change.

This retreat also includes sexual teachings with the hope that sexuality can return to its original purpose and assist in healing the imbalances that currently exist in this world. All cultures and societies have sacred sexual teachings, in this workshop these teachings will be brought to light as well as their practical applications with the purpose of creating balance.

The House That Love Built Retreat
3424 N 16th Dr. Phoenix, AZ 85085
November 16th 7:30pm – November 18 5:00pm
Cost: $475 includes Workshop & 2-nights
[$100 non-refundable deposit required to register]
What to Bring:
2 meals to share, towels, pillow, bed roll or blanket, comfortable clothing, any sacred objects to place on the alter, drums and/or instruments
*No drugs or alcohol allowed*

To Register or For More Information:
Contact Shenayda at (602) 908-6971
or Flora Schule at (602) 361- 8130


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